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St Ursula's Pancake Day Quiz 2013

Select the answer to the question by clicking in the circle in front of the best choice.

  1. An essential ingredient of pancakes is

    a) egg
    b) sugar
    c) butter
    d) maple syrup

  2. Shrove Tuesday always falls

    a) 41 days before Easter
    b) 96 days before Pentecost
    c) 50 days after Christmas
    d) on the second Tuesday in February

  3. On Shrove Tuesday, Alnwick in Northumberland, Ashbourne in Derbyshire, Atherstone in Warwickshire, Sedgefield in County Durham, and St Columb Major in Cornwall keep alive a tradition (at least 700 years old) of

    a) having a pancake eating competition
    b) competing to see who can toss a pancake highest
    c) racing while tossing pancakes
    d) playing a primitive form of football

  4. Fasnacht in German comes from two words meaning

    a) almost dark
    b) night of the spring goddess
    c) a procession wearing costumes
    d) nobody is sure what they mean

  5. We eat pancakes on Shrove Tuesday because

    a) it is the last chance to eat rich animal products before Lent
    b) it commemorates the Jewish Passover
    c) King Alfred of Wessex tried to bake a cake on that day in 890 AD but left out some of the ingredients
    d) they are easy to make and can be cooked fast

  6. On Shrove Tuesday, people eat malasadas, a type of doughnut

    a) in Val Poschiavo (Puschlav) in Graubünden
    b) in the Basque country of Spain and southern France
    c) in Buenos Aires and Montevideo
    d) on Madeira and in Hawaii

  7. In Finland, Shrove Tuesday is called laskiainen and the traditional meal is

    a) a rich pudding with fruit and nuts
    b) pea soup
    c) reindeer steak
    d) raw herring with onions

  8. In Brazil, Shrove Tuesday is the last day of carnaval, which traditionally

    a) is organized by women
    b) is a time when women can propose marriage
    c) lasts 4½ days
    d) ends with everyone attending a big service in the cathedral of Rio de Janeiro

  9. The traditional music at carnaval in Rio de Janeiro is

    a) the samba
    b) the rumba
    c) the rum baba
    d) the capoeira

  10. To shrive means to

    a) avoid work
    b) tremble with cold
    c) go to confession
    d) write on parchment

  11. In Swabia, thin pancakes cut into strips are known as

    a) Kräpele
    b) Flädle
    c) Fuessele
    d) SpƤtzle

  12. Spanish pancakes, known as frixuelos are sometimes enriched with

    a) curry powder
    b) smoked salmon paste
    c) sherry
    d) pig's blood

  13. In Corfu and some other parts of Greece, pancakes are traditionally eaten on

    a) St George's Day
    b) St David's Day
    c) St Andrew's Day
    d) St Patrick's Day

  14. A crempog is

    a) a Welsh pancake
    b) a metal griddle used in Hungary for cooking pancakes
    c) an impolite term for someone who eats too many pancakes
    d) a Native American pancake feast

  15. Size for size, there are fewest calories in

    a) a buckwheat pancake
    b) a plain pancake
    c) a buttermilk pancake
    d) a blueberry pancake

  16. The world record for the greatest number of pancakes cooked and eaten (by 300 cooks and 20000 people) was broken in 2009 with a total of

    a) 26387
    b) 226387
    c) 763822
    d) 76382

  17. A record-breaking pancake made in Lancashire in 1994 had a diameter of 15 metres (49 ft 2·55 inches), contained an estimated two million calories, and weighed

    a) 30 tons
    b) 3 tons
    c) 300 kilograms
    d) 30 kilograms

  18. The comic actor W C Fields said: The laziest man I ever met put popcorn in his pancakes so that

    a) he could eat them on the sofa in front of the TV
    b) it would be easy to pop them in his mouth
    c) they would turn over by themselves
    d) he wouldn't have to squeeze the lemons

  19. The expression "flat as a pancake", found in the 16th century, has outlived the equally ancient expression: flat as a

    a) flounder
    b) floor-cloth
    c) flamingo
    d) flagon of warm ale

  20. Raw pancake mix is called

    a) butty
    b) batter
    c) bottle
    d) bundle