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St Ursula's Pancake Day Quiz 2016

Select the answer to the question by clicking in the circle in front of the best choice.

  1. The latest date Shrove Tuesday can fall is 9 March. The earliest date it can fall is

    a) 31 January
    b) 3 February
    c) 8 February
    d) 10 February

  2. It will next fall on this date in

    a) 2017
    b) 2036
    c) 2062
    d) 2285

  3. This year, the Eastern Orthodox churches will celebrate Easter

    a) a week before us
    b) the same day as we shall
    c) a week after us
    d) five weeks after us

  4. In popular belief, which of the following did not count as meat, and so could be eaten during Lent?

    a) larks' tongues
    b) frogs' legs
    c) beavers' tails
    d) all of these

  5. The Italian word for pancake is

    a) pancake
    b) pannacotta
    c) torta di padela
    d) frittadella

  6. In French, une crêpe is a pancake. Un crêpe is

    a) a large kind of toad
    b) a slang term for an old man
    c) a mourning veil
    d) a pan in which pancakes are made

  7. In 1999, Mike Cuzzacrea

    a) tossed a pancake 9.47 metres into the air (and caught it again)
    b) flipped a pancake 416 times in two minutes
    c) cooked 1092 pancakes in one hour
    d) ran a marathon in 3 hrs 2 min 27 sec while tossing a pancake

  8. “As fit … as a pancake for Shrove Tuesday” is a quotation from

    a) the Bible (Proverbs 13:26)
    b) Archbishop Cranmer (Second Book of Homilies, V: Against Gluttony)
    c) Shakespeare (All's Well that Ends Well, Act 2, Scene 2)
    d) Beatrix Potter (the newly-discovered manuscript Kitty-in-Boots)

  9. And lastly, how many words of three letters or more can you make from the letters of the word PANCAKES? Here are a few to get you started:

    - speak
    - peak
    - cans