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Care and Prayer
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Care and Prayer (Pastoral Care)

Pastoral care is sharing the love and grace of God within the church family.

It happens in lots of ways: support, visits in homes and hospitals, times of prayer, guidance and loving support.

Pastoral care happens not only through our chaplain, but also through our newly-constituted pastoral care team, which is overseen by the chaplain and which cares and supports our church family in visiting, prayer, listening, comforting, encouraging and giving practical help.

Circumstances in which pastoral care support may be needed are many and varied. Times of change, stress, loss, illness are occasions in which a listening ear and the presence of another can be helpful.

You may contact the team through the Pastoral Care Coordinator, Lynn Morgan at 031 971 13 36 (email), or in an emergency telephone the chaplain on 077 495 74 19.


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