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St Ursula's Church Library

Our well-stocked library is open nearly every Sunday after church, and all are welcome to browse and to borrow. Donna Goepfert and Isabelle Wienand will be pleased to supply you with further information and to listen to any special requests.

We have catalogued most of the books and resources in the library (with the exception of children's books.) A list is below. The books are catalogued by topic, in alphabetic order of author. To search for a particular title, we suggest you use the search function of your browser (try pressing Ctrl-F).

Biographies, Anthologies, Historical Studies
Reference Books, Bible Studies and Theology Journals
Family and Christian Living
Fiction Adult
Fiction Children (not catalogued)

An older version of the list is also available as a PDF
Name and first name of author(s)book titlepublication year
Anderson LeithPraying to the God You can Trust1996
Arthur KayThe Peace and Power of Knowing God’s Name2002
Boice James and Ryken Philip The Doctrines of Grace: Rediscovering the Evangelical Gospel2002
Bonhoeffer DietrichLife together. The Classic Exploration of Faith in Community1954
Bonhoeffer DietrichThe Cost of Discipleship, trans.1937
Bonhoeffer DietrichSelected Writings, trans.1995
Boyd Edward and GregoryLetters from a Skeptic1994
Carson D.A.A Call to Spiritual Reformation1992
Castle FionaStill Dews: An Anthology of peace2002
Chambers OswaldMy Utmost for His Highest1992
Church Mission SocietyA Possible World (the course)2015
Dawn MarwaA Royal ‘Waste’ of Time: The Splendor of Worshiping God and Being Church for the World1999
Dawn MarwaReaching Out without Dumbing Down1995
Dawson JoyIntercession, Thrilling and Fulfilling1997
Eldredge StasiBecoming Myself2013
Elliot ElisabethAll That Was Ever Ours1961
Farrer AustinThe Truth Seeking Heart2006
Foster RichardTreasury of Christian Discipline1978
Foster R. and Griffin E.Spiritual Classics2000
Geisler NormanChosen But Free. A Balanced View of Divine Election1999
Gordon S.D.Quiet Talks about Jesus2003
Graham BillyDeath and The Life After1987
Graham BillyHow To Be Born Again1977
Graham BillyGod’s Secret Agents1975
Graham BillyPeace with God1953
Graham BillyPeace with God1953
Graham FranklinThe Name1979
Graham LotzAnne Just Give me Jesus2000
Graham LotzAnne God’s Story1997
Graham LotzAnne The Vision of His Glory1996
Green MichaelWho Is This Jesus?1990
Green MichaelEvangelism Through the Local Church1990
Guinness OsDining with the Devil1993
Hanegraaff HankThe Prayer of Jesus2001
Hauerwas Stanley and Willimon WilliamResident Aliens A Provocative Christian Assessment of Culture and Ministry for People who Know who Know that Something is Wrong1989
Hauerwas Stanley and Willimon WilliamLord, Teach Us The Lord’s Prayer and the Christian Life1996
Heitzig SkipWhen God Prays2003
Hutchcraft RonCalled to Greatness2001
Jensen RosemaryPraying the Attributes of God2002
Johnson BillFace to Face with God2007
Kennedy James and Newcombe JerryLord of All2005
Kenneson PhilipLife on the Vine1999
Kierkegaard SørenProvocations. Spirituals Writings of Kierkegaard, trans.1999
Koenig-Bricker WoodeenePrayers of the Saints1996
Landorf JoyceMourning Song1974
Laurie GregThe Best is Yet to Come2005
Laurie GregThe Passion of the Christ2004
Laurie GregThe Great Compromise1994
Laytham BrentGod is Not …2004
Lewis C.S. and Malcolm C.S.A Year with C.S. Lewis2003
Lewis C.S.On Grief1998
Lewis C.S.Christian Reunion And Other Essays1990
Lewis, C.STimeless at Heart1987
Lewis C.S.Of This and Other Worlds1982
Lewis C.S.The Dark Tower1977
Lewis, C.S.Fern-Seed and Elephants And Other Essays on Christianity1975
Lewis C.S.Compelling Reason: Essays on Ethics and Theology1971
Lewis C.S.God in the Dock1971
Lewis C.S.Letters to Malcolm1964
Lewis C.S.Letters to Malcolm: Chiefly on Prayer1963
Lewis C.S.Reflections on the Psalms1961
Lewis C.S.The Four Loves1960
Lewis C.S.Till We Have Faces1956
Lewis C.S.The Pilgrim’s Regress1953 (2 copies)
Lewis C.S.Mere Christianity1952
Lewis C.S.Miracles1947
Lewis C.S.The Abolition of Man1943
Lewis C.S.The Screwtape Letters1942
Lloyd Jones MartynSpiritual Depression: Its Causes and Cures (Audio Review by Mark Pogson)1998
Lotz Anne GrahamVision of His Glory1996
Lucado MaxJust Like Jesus1998
Luther MartinThe Way of Faithtrans.1999
Lutzer ErwinWho Are you to Judge?2002
Lutzer ErwinThe Cries from the Cross – Hearts of Jesus2002
Lutzer ErwinOne Minute After You Die1997
MacArthurJohn Twelve Ordinary Men2002
Mack WayneHumility: A Forgotten Virtue2005
Manley PippertRebecca Out of the Saltshaker & into the World: Evangelism as a Way of Life1979
Marshall CatherineAdventures in Prayer1975 (2 copies)
Marshall CatherineA Closer Walk. A Spiritual Lifeline to God1965
Mehl RonThe Ten-der Commandments: Reflections on the Father’s Love1998
Meyer F.B.The Life of Paul1995
Miller DarrowDiscipling Nations: The Power of Truth to Transform Cultures1998
Moody Dwight and Bell James (ed)The D.L. Moody Collection – Highlights of His Writings, Sermons, anecdotes, and Life Story1997
Moore BethThe Beloved Disciple2003
Moore BethJesus the One and Only2002
Moreland J.P.Love Your God With All Your Mind: The Role of Reason in the Life of the Soul1997
Mosley StevenIf Only God would answer1992
Muncaster Ralph101 Reasons You Can Believe2004
Murray AndrewWith Christ in the School of Prayer1981
Nee WatchmanSit, Walk, Stand1957
Nee WatchmanThe Normal Christian Life1957
Newbigin LesslieA Word in Season1994
Nicholson WilliamThe Six Miracles of Calvary1927
Nouwen HenriMaking All Things New: An Invitation to the Spiritual Life1981
O’Connor ElizabethSearch for Silence1986
Packer J.I.Concise Theology1993
Packer J.I.Knowing God1973
Pannenberg WolfhartJesus – God and Man1968
Pawson DavidWhen Jesus Returns1995
Peterson Eugene H.The Wisdom of Each Other1998
Peterson Eugene H.Subversive Spirituality1994
Peterson Eugene H.Answering God: The Psalms as Tools for Prayer1989
Peterson Eugene H.A Long Obedience in the Same Direction1990
Peterson Eugene H.Leap Over a Wall1940
Piper JohnThe Legacy of Sovereign Joy2000
Piper JohnDesiring God1986
Plantinga Cornelius Jr.Not The way It’s Supposed to Be. A Breviary of Sin1995
Pratt Richard L.Pray with your Eyes Open1987
Ramon BrotherWhen They Crucified My Lord: Through Lenten to Easter Joy1999
Rodd C.S.Why Evil and Suffering?1998
Ryle J.C.Holiness2010
Ryle J.C.The Best of JC Ryle1981
Sanders J. OswaldHeaven: Better by Far: Answers about the Believers’ Final Hope1993
Sanders J. OswaldEnjoying Intimacy with God1980
Sanders J. OswaldSpiritual Leadership1967
Schaeffer Francis A.The God Who is There1998
Schaeffer, Francis A.Death in the City1969
Small, TomPraying with Paul2007
Sorge, BobIn His Face: A Prophetic Call to Renewed Focus1994 (2 copies)
Spurgeon CharlesFaith’s Checkbook1997
Stedman RayAuthentic Christianity1996
Strobel LeeThe Case for Faith2000 (2 copies)
Strobel LeeThe Case for Easter1998
Stott JohnWhy I am a Christian2003
Stott JohnThe Incomparable Christ2001
Stott JohnYour Confirmation1973
Stowell JosephEternity1995
Sundar Singh SaduAt The Master’s Feet1985
Swindoll CharlesA Man of Grace and Grit: Paul2002
Swindoll CharlesStart Where You Are1999
Taylor John V.Kingdom Come1989
Taylor John V.Weep Not for Me1986
Thatcher MarthaThe Freedom of Obedience1997
Thrasher BillA Journey to Victorious Praying2003
Towns Elmer L.Praying the 23rd Psalm2001
Town Elmer L.Praying the Lord’s Prayer1997
Wangerin WalterWhole Prayer1998
Wangerin WalterReliving the Passion1992
Warren RickThe Purpose Driven Life2002
White James EmeryA Search for the Spiritual. Exploring Real Christianity1998
Whithall Smith HannahThe Christian’s Secret of a Happy Life1998
Whitney DonaldSpiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life1991
Wiersbe WarrenThe Best of A.W. Tozer1980
Wiles MauriceReason to Believe1999
WillimonWilliam Sunday Dinner1981
WillimonWilliam Remember Who You are1980
Wiseman NeilConditioning Your Soul1999
Wiseman Neil B.Growing Your Soul: Practical Steps to Increase Your Spirituality1996
Wright N.T.The Lord and His Prayer1996
Wright N.T.Following Jesus. Biblical Reflections on Discipleship1994
Yancey PhilipReaching for the Invisible God2000
Yancey PhilipThe Bible Jesus Read1999
Yancey PhilipWhere is God when it Hurts?1977
Yancey PhilipSoul Survivor??
Yount DavidGrowing in Faith1994
Zacharias Ravi and Geisler NormanWho Made God? And Answers to over 100 Other Questions of Faith2003
Zacharias RaviJesus Among Other Gods2000
Armstrong KarenA History of God1993
Bainton Roland H.Erasmus of Christendom1969
Bilinda LesleyWith What Remains, A Widows’ Quest for Truth in Rwanda2006
Bonhoeffer DietrichLetters and Papers from Prison1953
Christian History Magazine131 Christians Everyone Should Know2000
Carnell Edward JohnThe Burden of Søren Kierkegaard1965
Davey Cyril J.Sadhu Sundar Singh1950
De Jaegher PaulAn Anthology of Christian Mysticism1977
Downing David C.The Most Reluctant Convert. CS Lewis’s Journey to Faith2002
Finnie Kellsye MWilliam Carey: By trade a Cobbler1986
Herrmann SiegfriedA History of Israel in Old Testament Times1980
Hywel-Davies JackThe Life of Smith Wigglesworth. A Pioneer of the Pentecostal Movement1987
Küng HansGreat Christian Thinkers1984
Jepson JoannaA Lot loke Eve2015
Lewis C.S.Surprised by Joy1955
Marsh CharlesThe Challenges of Islam1980
McFetridge BillyFull Pardon1992
Omartian StormieStormie1986
Pandita RamabaiThe Pandita Ramabai Story in Her own Words1980
Pannenberg WolfhartJesus- God and Man1964
Parkhurst Louis G.Francis Schaeffer. The Man and his Message1985
Peck DianaSound of a Cry1995
Petrie RebeccaFalling Into his Grace. The Power of Life Laid Down2009
Piper NoëlFaithful Women and Their Extraordinary God2005
Roger of Taizé BrotherHis Love is a Fire. Central Writings with Extracts from Journals1988
St John PatriciaTells Her Own Story1993
Shea NinaIn the Lion’s Den1997
Sherill ElizabethAll The Way to Heaven2002
Shortt RupertRowan Williams2003
Sister Thelma-AnneIn Age Reborn, By Grace Sustained2007
Slemming C.W.These are the Garments. A Study of the High Priest’s Garments1955
Stone BryanBasel and the Church in England2016
Taylor Dr. and Mrs.Hudson Taylor’s Spiritual Secret1990
Ten Boom CorrieThe Hiding Place1971
Ten Boom CorrieTramp for the Lord1974
Theissen GerdA Theory of Primitive Christian Religion1999
Valdés JorgeComing Clean. The True Story of a Cocaine Drug Lord and His Unexpected Encounter with God1999
Vermes GezaAn Introduction to the Complete Dead Sea Scrolls1994
Wierbse Warren W.Victorious Christians You Should Know1984
Wurmbrand RichardWith God in Solitary Confinement1969
Alexander David and PatThe Lion Handbook to the Bible1973
Anderson NeilWhat God Says about Me1998
Anderson Neil and Park DaveBusting Free1994
Arthur KayHow to Study Your Bible1994
Arthur Kay1 & 2 Samuel/1 Chronicles1997
Boal TomThe Big Book of Bible Skits1997
Boice James MontgomeryDaniel1989
Boice James MontgomeryEphesians1997
Borland James A.Christ in the Old Testament1999
Buchanan ColinThe Heart of Sunday Worship1992
Burnaby JohnThe Belief of Christendom - A Commentary on the Nicene Creed1959
Burton AnneAll-Age Worship1993
Byworth Christopher et al.Joining God’s Church1995
Carey GeorgeThe Bible for Everyday Life1988
Chaplin DougLeading Common Worship Intercessions. A Simple Guide2009
Daniel Orville E.A Harmony of the Four Gospels1996
Douglas J.D and Tenney MerrillDictionary of the Bible1989
Dunn James D.G.Jesus and the Spirit1975
Eddison JohnUnderstanding Bible Topics1978
Fee Gordon and Stuart DouglasHow to Read the Bible for All Its Worth1981
Frör HansYou Wretched Corinthians!1995
Graham BillyThe A to Z Guide to Bible Application1996
Hayford Jack W.Hebrews: Beyond the Veil1994
Haystead WesLearning to Pray like Jesus1995
Heald CynthiaBecoming A Woman of Prayer1996
Heald CynthiaBecoming A Woman of Purpose1994
Heald CynthiaBecoming A Woman of Freedom1992
Heald CynthiaBecoming A Woman of Excellence1986
Heitzig SkipHow To Study the Bible and Enjoy It1996
HolmanThe Bible Dictionary1991
Hunt GladysHebrews: Foundations for Faith1978
Ingham HowardThe Star Wars Trilogy2005
Jeske JohnGenesisno date
Kidd TonyJesus’ Hands and Ours2001
Klassen WilliamJudas – Betrayer or Friend1996
Kohlenberg John (ed.)NIV Compact Concordance1993
Kohlenberg John (ed.)Nave’s Topical Bible1992
Kidner DerekGenesis. An Introduction and Commentary1967
Kreeft and Tacelli RonaldThe Handbook of Christian Apologetics1996
Kruse Colin GJohn2003
LaPlaca AnnetteHow long ‘til Christmas?1993
Leach JohnPerson-Centred Prayer Ministry2001
Lenz Jerry (ed.)Scripture Memory Fun1986
Le Peau Phyllis J.Resources for Caring People1991
Little PaulWitnessing. How to Give Away Your Faith1996
MacArthur JohnDaniel2000
Mather George and Nichols LarryDictionary of Cults, Sects, Religions and the Occult1993
McDowell Josh and Stewart DonHandbook of Today’s Religions1993
Meinardus Otto F.A.St. Paul in Greece1972
Milson FredSmall Groups for Christians1982
Muncaster Ralph O.What is the Trinity?2001
Osborne LarrySticky Church2008
Packer J.I.Meeting God1986
Packer J.I.Hope. Never Beyond Hope2003
Pawson DavidUnlocking the Bible1999-2001
Peacocke ArthurTheology for a Scientific Age1993
Pearson AndrewMaking Creation Visible1996
Plant Stephen J. (ed.)Theology (journal)2008-2011
Pratt DouglasBeing Open, Being Faithful – The Journey of Interreligious Dialogue2014
Reapsome MarthaColossians and Philemon1989
Rhodes RonA Life-changing Encounter with God’s Word from the Book of Hebrews1989
Richards Sue and LarryEvery Woman In the Bible1999
Ruvolo CarolFaith at Work – Studies in the Book of Jamesno date
Ryle J.CMatthew1993
Schniewind PaulAnglicans in Switzerland1992
Stanley CharlesLiving in His Sufficiency1999
Stedman Ray CHebrews1992
Stott JohnTimothy II1998
Stott JohnGalatians1998
Stott JohnRomans1998
Stott JohnEphesians1998
Stott JohnBeatitudes1998
Stott JohnThe Thessalonians I and II1998
Stott JohnTimothy I and Titus1993
Swindoll CharlesThe Lamentations of Jeremiah1977
Sykes William (compiled)The Eternal Vision - the ultimate anthology of spiritual quotations2003
ter Linden NicoThe Story Goes – Mark’s Story and Matthew’s Story1999
The NavigatorsWork. Serving God on the Job1997
Theissen GerdThe New Testament2003
Tomasino Anthony J.Judaism Before Jesus2003
Walvoord John F. and Zuck RoyThe Bible Knowledge Commentary, 2 vols.1985
Wierbse Warren W.The Bible Exposition Commentary, 2 vol.1989
Williams Peter S.The Case for God1999
Aldrich JosephGentle Persuasion1988
Anderson Neil and Miller Rich and Travis PaulBreaking the Bondage of Legalism2003
Anderson Neil and Jacobson MichaelThe biblical Guide to Alternative Medicine2003
Anderson Neil and Miller RichGetting Anger under Control2002
Anderson Neil and Miller RichLeading Teens to Freedom in Christ1997
Anderson Neil and Mylander Charles et al.The Christ Centered Marriage1996
Anderson Neil and Vander Hook Pete & SueSpiritual Protection for Your Children1996
Anderson Neil and Russo SteveThe Seduction of Our Children1991
Arp David and ClaudiaSuddenly they’re 131999
Augsburger DavidThe Freedom of Forgiveness1970
Backus WilliamTelling Each Other The Truth1985
Berry JoBeloved Unbeliever1981
Blackstock TerriShadow of Doubt1998
Blackstock TerriPrivate Justice1998
Brawner Jim and SuzetteTaming the Family Zoo1998
Bridger FrancisChildren finding Faith2000
Briscoe JillFaith that Works2003
Brown StephenWhen Your Rope Breaks1988
Campbell RossHow to really Love your Child1988
Castleman RobbieParenting in the Pew1993
ChalkeSteve, The Parentalk Guide to the Childhood Years1999
Chapman Gary and Campbell RossThe Five Love Languages of Children1997
Chapman GaryThe Five Languages of Love of Teenagers,?
Chave-Jones MyraCoping with Depression1981
Christenson EvelynWhat Happens When You Pray For Our Families1992
Cole Michael et al.What is the New Age?1990
Colson Charles and Vaughn EllenBeing the Body2003
Colson Charles and Pearcey NancyHow Now Shall we Live1999
Colson CharlesAnswers to Your Kid’s Questions2000
Copan PaulThat’s Just Your Interpretation2001
Cornes AndrewDivorce and Remarriage1993
Crabb LarryInside Out1988
Crabb LarryWho We are and How We Relate1992
Cunningham LorenDaring to Live on The Edge1991
Dawn MarvaIs it a Lost Cause?1997
Dobson JamesParents’ Answer Book2003
Dobson James and ShirleyNight Light For Parents2002
Dobson JamesBringing Up Boys2001
Dobson JamesWhat Wives Wish Their Husbands Knew About Women1988
Dobson JamesDare to Discipline1970
Dobson JamesThe Strong Willed Child1978
DouglassStephen, Managing Yourself ?
Eldredge JohnWaking the Dead2003
EvansAnthony, Guiding your Family in a Misguided World?
Fabry ChrisThe 77 Habits of Highly Ineffective Christians1997
GariepyHenry, Portraits of Perseverance1989
Graham BillAnswers to Life’s Problems1960
Graham BillTill Armageddon1981
Graham Bell RuthProdigals and Those Who Love Them1991
Gumbel NickyA Life Worth Living1994
Hart ArchibaldStress and Your Child1992
Hromas Roberta 52 simple ways to teach your child to pray1991
Huggett JoyceLife in Sex-mad Society1988
Huggett JoyceMarriage Matters1987
Huggett JoyceMarriage on the Mend1987
Huggett JoyceGrowing into Love1982
Hughes SelwynYour Personal Encourager1994
Hughes R. KentDisciplines of a Godly Man2001
Hunt GladysHoney For a Woman’s Heart2002
Hutcraft RonCalled to Greatness2001
Jeremiah DavidSlaying the Giants in Your Life2001
Jones Stan and BrennaThe Story of Me 11995 (2 copies)
Jones Stan and BrennaWhat’s the Big Deal1995 (2 Copies)
Kingsbury KarenMaggie’s Miracle2003
Larson BobStraight Answers on the New Age1989
Laurie GregWhy Believe?1995
Lucado MaxIn the Eye of the Storm1991
Ludy Eric and LeslieTeaching True Love to a Sex-at 13 Generation2005
Lutzer ErwinFailure The backdoor to Success1975
Lutzer ErwinWinning the Inner War1979
Marshall CatherineMeeting God at Every Turn1981
Marshall CatherineThe Helper1979
Maughon MarthaWhy Am I Crying?1983
Mayhall CaroleHelp Lord. My whole Life Hurts1988
McDowell JoshFamily Devotions 22003
McDowell JoshThe Father Connection1996
Moody DwightL. The Overcoming Life1995
Murray AndrewRaising your Children for Christ1984
Nystrom CarolynBefore I was Born 21983 (2 copies)
Omartian Stormie and MichaelThe Power of a Praying Husband2001
Omartian StormieThe Power of a Praying Parent1995
Ortlund Anne and RayYou don’t have to Quit1986
Pfeifer AnnemarieIt’s not always Mum’s Fault1995
Rainey Dennis and BarbaraStaying close1989
Roberts LeePraying God’s Will for My Husband1993
Sanders J. OswaldEvery Life is a Plan of God1992
Sanders J. OswaldFacing Loneliness1988
Sanders J. OswaldSpiritual Leadership1967
Schaeffer EdithThe Hidden Art of Homemaking1986
Searle DavidAnd then There Were Nine2000
Sheldon Garrett W. and Morris DeborahWhat Would Jesus Do?1997
Sherrer QuinGarlock Ruthanne, A Woman’s Guide to Spiritual Warfare1991
Smalley GaryMaking Love Last Forever1996
Smalley GaryLove is a Decision1989
Smith HannahGod of All Comfort1956
Sproul R.CDiscovering The Intimate Marriage1975
Stott JohnNew Issues Facing Christians Today1984
Stowel JosephSimply Jesus2002
Stowel JosephComing Home1998
Swindoll CharlesMaybe It’s Time to Laugh Again1995
Swindoll CharlesKilling Giants. Pulling Thorns1994
Swindoll CharlesThe Strong Family1991
Swindoll CharlesSimple Faith1991
Swindoll CharlesSanctity of Life1990
Swindoll CharlesGrowing up in God’s Family1985
Taylor KennethStories for the Children’s Hour1953
Thomas W. IanThe Saving Life of Christ1951
Tripp Paul D.War of Words2000
Van Pelt NancyHighly Effective Marriage2000
Webber Robert E.Worship is a Verb1992
Wiersbe WarrenGod Isn’t In a Hurry1994
Wilson T.W.The Key to Lasting Joy1997
Zacharias RaviRecapture the Wonder2003
Arthur KayWith An Everlasting Love1995
Austin LynnA Light to my Path2004
Austin LynnFire by Night2003
Blackstock TerriWord of Honor1999
Bunn T. DavisFlorian’s Gate1992
Bunn T. DavisThe Amber Room1992
Cavanaugh JackBeyond the Sacred Page2003
Cavanaugh JackGlimpses of Truth1999
Fletcher Crow DonnaElizabeth Days of Loss and Hope1993
Fletcher Crow DonnaStephanie Days of Turmoil and Victory1993
Fletcher Crow DonnaKathryn. Days of Struggle and Truth1992
Hurnard HannahMountains of Spices1977
Hurnard HannahHinds’ Feet on High Places1955
Kingsbury KarenGideon’s Gift2002
Oke JanetteWhen Breaks the Dawn1986
Oke JanetteWhen Hope Springs New1986
Oke JanetteWhen Comes the Spring1985
Orcutt JaneThe Living Stone2000
Phillips MichaelDawn of Liberty1995
Phillips MichaelEscape to Freedom1994
Phillips MichaelThe eleventh Hour1993
Prentiss ElizabethStepping Heavenward1998
Rivers FrancineThe Prophet2006
Rivers FrancineUnshaken2001
Rivers FrancineUnafraid2001
Rivers FrancineUnashamed2000
Rivers FrancineUnveiled2000
Rivers FrancineRedeeming Love1997 (2 copies)
Rivers FrancineAs Sure as The Dawn1995
Rivers FrancineAn Echo in the Darkness1994
Rivers FrancineA Voice in the Wind1993
Rivers FrancineUnspoken1991
Sheldon CharlesIn His Steps1998
Thoene Bodie and BrockThunder from Jerusalem2000
Thoene Bodie and BrockJerusalem Vigil2000
Thoene Bodie and BrockShilloh Autumn1996
Thoene BodieA Thousand Shall Fall1992
Thoene BodieDanzig Passage1991
Thoene BodieWarsaw Requiem1991
Thoene BodieJerusalem Interlude1990
Thoene BodieMunich Signature1990
Thoene BodiePrague Counterpoint1989
Thoene BodieA Key to Zion1988
Thoene BodieA Light in Zion1988
Thoene BodieA Daughter of Zion1987
Thoene BodieThe Return to Zion1987
Thoene BodieThe Gates of Zion1986
Wangerin WalterBook of God: The Bible as a Novel1996
Webb MichaelThe Master’s Quilt1991
Young, PaulThe Shack2007
FICTION CHILDREN (not catalogued)
Decourroux PhilippeLe Nouvel Esclavage (French with German subtitles)2014
Focus on the Family (Children)
The Chronicles of Narnia
The Gospel of John
Swindoll CharlesThe Bride - Renewing our Passion for the Church
East to West (Youth)
Great Lengths (Youth)
Kallie, Sweet Surrender

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